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Welcome to Deter Gear Embroidery, your source for

  •  Embroidered Sweatshirts, Jackets, Polos

  •  Lettered and Artistic-designed T-shirts

  •  Puppy Kits - Don't forget your new puppy

  •  Leather and Leather-Denim Jackets, Shirts, Totes and Aprons all custom-made to your specifications


These are just a few of our most popular items
Embroidered sweatshirts featuring your favorite breed of kennel name.  These shirts are carefully embroidered and have a 3-dimensional effect which is often referred to as  "3-D puff" lettering, available in solid color or variegated color thread, giving a striped effect.

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Tee-shirts, Tee-shirts,Tee-shirts - a favorite of everyone.  Choose from our inventor or suggest a design of your own.



Don't forget your new puppy.  Out Puppy Kits include a stainless steel food bowl, lead, ball, squeaky to, embroidered puppy mat, and a custom-made fleece embroidered puppy's first bear.  All you need is the puppy and food.


Check out our new line of leather and Denim items - Leather Jackets, Denim and Leather Jackets, Denim Jackets and Shirts, Denim-Leather Satchels and Denim Aprons.



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Does your business, club, church or social organization have a logo or insignia?  Our experts at Deter Gear Embroidery can duplicate your logo or or design a custom logo for you at a very affordable price.

Pick out the garment, pick out the color, and we can apply a beautiful logo, emblem or design. 

See the Contact Us page for info.



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